Thursday, August 27, 2015

Zoya Fall 2015: Focus Collection

Zoya Fall 2015 continues!

On Tuesday I showed you the metalic Flair collection, and today I have the Focus collection for you, made up of 6 creme polishes. We know the Zoya creme formula is great, so I am going to skip a formula description for each one. With the exception of Hannah, which needed 3 coats, the other 5 needed 2 coats. I did not use topcoat on any of these swatches because Zoya cremes are pretty glossy on their own.

Ready? Group shot:


First up, this is Charli. It is hard to describe this one. Zoya, the professional here, LOL, says it is a "dusty taupe cream that has a hint of green, but is still a perfect neutral." It is a slightly camo green.



Next, here is Sia. OMG - so, so, so stunning! I am not usually a blue fan but THIS beauty is just perfection.



Janel is a brick red creme that screams holiday season! Colors like this make me look pale. Womp, womp.



Lidia is an eggplant purple. I just checked the website for the description and they used "eggplant" purple too, so, surprisingly, I am spot on with this one:



Hannah is a vibrant cherry red creme. I love this color SO much!!



Last but not least, Desiree is a chocolate brown, although Zoya calls it a "sable" brown. The photos make this shade look a lot more flattering than I thought it was in real life.



And there you have it! My picks are Sia and Hannah. Together they would make a great Memorial Day or July 4 mani...will someone remind me!? Oh, I love Charli, too! You know I love a neutral.

Did you know the Zoya is selling MINI sampler packs of these collection? I love that idea as I don't ever finish a bottle of polish.

You can find Zoya on be on the lookout for back to school specials as they usually tend to do a promo around now-ish.

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