Saturday, August 22, 2015

Literary Lacquers LE Birthday Polish: The Ultimate Answer! (Plus LL Comparison Pics!)

Every year, for her birthday, Amy of Literary Lacquers created a very limited edition birthday polish. It is produced in a very small quantity, so this is the type of release you need to mark your calendars for if you're interested! Sale starts August 28th!

You can find the Literary Lacquers store HERE!

This year's LE is called The Ultimate Answer.! And it has mini stars! It is inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I really need to read.

Bottle shot:


I took all kinds of pictures, inside and out, because, seriously. Love this polish so much!  First up, this is outside, with flash:



Application is just lovely, as usual. This is three thin coats, no topcoat added. You do need to fish for the stars, they are subtle on purpose. Just spin the bottle around and twist your brush and you're sure to come up with a few stars - they are placed in my mani below.

Outside without flash:



Inside WITH flash is my favorite. Look how sparkly!!



Now, perhaps you are wondering how this compares to a few other Literary Lacquers. Perhaps you're wondering if you need The Ultimate Answer if you already have a couple other LL polishes.

No fear, I am here to help you!  I compared Bottletown, The Ultimate Answer and Thermofish. Bottle shots:


And here are the swatches, in the same order as the bottle shots;


Bottletown (index finger, top of the pic) is more of an olive=y green, it is the greenest of the three. Thermofish is much brighter, like TUA's neon cousin and it has some bigger glitter pieces. TUA has a base color between the two and IT HAS MINI STARS.

I repeat: mark your calendars for this release, beginning August 28th!

You can find Literary Lacquers:
On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Instagram HERE


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