Tuesday, August 11, 2015

bornprettystore Review: Shining Starry Sky Patterned Full Nail Stickers

Today I have a review on Shining Starry Sky Patterned Full Nail Stickers from bornprettystore.com.

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Here is the item I received:


You can find this particular item HERE.  There are plenty of galaxy themed patterns to choose from, there is definitely going to be something you will love.

Using these stickers is very easy! Clean your nails first by swiping them with acetone to remove any oil or residue. Do not use base coat. Select the sticker close enough to the size of your nail and apply.


You can see that the stickers are pretty long, so use scissors or nail clippers to trim off the excess.


Start to press the sticker at the base of your nail and them smooth them out from the center to avoid bubbles. These are good quality stickers and are very easy to apply. My nail beds are average width and the stickers fit them perfectly.


To make them last longer, apply topcoat and make sure to wrap the tips. This will reduce tip wear and make the decals look even shinier.


These have a galaxy theme with blues, purples, silver and black. I loved getting the look of a galaxy mani with such little work, haha.


Last look!


If you're interested in any of the awesome items that bornprettystore.com carries - from waterslide decals to full nail stickers to cell phone cases and costume jewelry, use MBHMK31 for 10% off!

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