Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun Summer 2015 Collection

A couple days ago I showed you the Zoya Island Fun collection, the creme set of the newest polishes. Today I have the Paradise Sun set, which is 6 polishes with "micronized metallic pearl finish" according to the website. 5 of the 6, to me, have a jelly like finish and the white one, Genesis, seems more crelly to me.

Let's check out all 6! I turned to the Zoya website to help with the color descriptions because, since they are the professionals, LOL, they are better with the descriptions than I am.


First up, this is Selene. Zoya describes it as a "true teal" but I think it's a little deeper, more like an emerald meets a spruce type of color. It has a regal tone to it and I can imagine wearing this over the Christmas holiday. With Selene, as with most of these polishes, 3 coats are needed to avoid VNL (visible nail line).



Aphrodite is a fiery red. Zoya called this a "summer" red but who knows what that means? This one has a glass fleck that we have seen in some mainstreams and some indies, too. I love the color, personally, and the formula was great. I needed 3 coats to avoid VNL.



Royal purple Isa is up next. This is described as a blue based purple - or blurple, as the cool kids say - polish. Zoya claims it has a aqua flash but I don't really see that. I do like the color anyway, and this is 2 coats with topcoat.



Genesis is the white polish in the collection. I read other reviews that pretty much bash Genesis, calling it streaky and all the nasty white polish adjectives you can think of...but I disagree!! Though I think the color is out of place in a summer collection, I love this and I think it's my favorite of the 6! I needed just 3 coats and topcoat for the pics you see here. I thought the formula was fine, more of a crelly than jelly, and I love the slight shimmer. Win for me!



Oceane is a blue turquoise, according to the Zoya website, but I see more of a deep metallic cornflower or something. I think of turquoise as more green...what do you think? Anyway, this is two coats with topcoat added.



Last but not least, Mae is a "warm magenta" which I agree with. Though the base color isn't terribly unique, the purple/gold/pink shimmer makes it unique and very pretty to wear. This is three coats with topcoat.



This may come as a surprise, but my favorites here are Genesis and Aphrodite! What are your favorites?

You can find Zoya polishes on Zoya.com and in a few major retailers, like Ulta. I do recommend following the website, though, because Zoya has some great coupons and deals.

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