Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zoya Island Fun Summer 2015 Collection

I am a little late posting the Zoya Summer 2015 collections, so you may have already seen swatches of these. However, there are some really rich toned, vibrant shades that are worth scrolling through again!

Group shot:


This group of 6, the Island Fun collection, are creme polishes. Zoya is well known for it's consistent creme polish formula. With the exception of one, the green polish Jace, which needed 3 coats, the other 5 in this collection were two coats to opacity.

First up, this is Cecilia. I love this color! I have read other reviews that this color stains badly, but since I was just swatching for photos, it didn't stay on me long enough to stain. I recommend doubling up on your base coat and maybe even using a yellow stopper base, too.



Next, this is Nana. I feel like this color has been done over and over by Zoya, but it is a little brighter in person than in the photos. Berry colors work well on everyone so if you don't have one in your collection, this is a good choice.



Talia is a bright blue, "ocean" per Zoya, polish, another potential stainer according to other bloggers. I found the formula on this one surprisingly thick, so be careful with application so you don't get it on your cuticles to stain.



Demetria is a great red shade. It is definitely not a true red, but more like a tomato/coral/pretty complex shade. I found this formula slightly thick as well but I adore the color so it's worth it!



Jace was my least favorite, color and formula. I needed three coats for opacity. The color just doesn't agree with me. I am not sure where the drop on my ring finger came from, either. Next!



Last but not least, Serenity is a unique medium purple shade. The formula was perfect and the color is great. Hooray!



My picks from this collection are Serenity and Cecilia. Double up on your base coat and make sure to wait between coats for these cremes. Which do you like best?

You can find Zoya polishes at Remember, Zoya are 5 free which makes them safer than many mainstream brands!

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