Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer & Literary Lacquers: Destination Duo Available July 31, 2015!

Today I am very excited to bring to you a brand new duo from two awesome indie companies, Literary Lacquers and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer!

I have been swatching for Literary Lacquers for quite a while now and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer was one of the first indies to give this blogger a chance (almost three years ago now!) to review polishes, so both of these companies are near and dear to my heart!

Here is the new Destination Duo, inspired by a photo that Julie, of BEGL, took on vacation in Florida!


For $25 shipped (in the US), you'll receive Gulf Coast Twilight from Literary Lacquers, described as: "Soft dusky twilight purple linear holo with iridescent gold flakies and a touch of orange shimmer," Happy Hour at the Blue Parrot by Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, which is a "Medium sunny orange jelly with purple and copper shimmers" and 10 waterslide decals with tropical drink designs.
The duo will be available at both Literary Lacquer's store: HERE and at the BEGL store: HERE on July 31st, so mark your calendars!


Let's take a look at each polish and then some nail art that I did with both colors. I ran out of time to use the decals because I wanted to get this post up, so please look for pics on my Instagram coming soon!

First up, this is Happy Hour at the Blue Parrot by BEGL! The polish of BEGL's tends to be a little thicker so you can use less coats. This one has a jelly/crelly-ish base so I used three thin coats, plus topcoat, for the pics below.



The formula is nice and smooth. Let coats dry to avoid any pulling or tugging.

I had a tough time getting this color accurate, but I refuse to color edit. I want you to see what I get. I took photos without flash, too, and you can see that the color is a bit deeper. It's so juicy! I feel like I have squishy tangerines on my nails!


The contribution by Literary Lacquers is called Gulf Coast Twilight. The muted purple shade is flattering to any skintone. The holo is lovely! The formula was slightly thicker than many LL polishes. I used three thin coats and topcoat for these photos.



There are 10 small waterslide decals included in the set with tropical drink themes! I wanted to get this post up quickly so I ran out of time to use the decals but look for them on my Instagram soon!


I know the destination of the duo is Florida, but when I saw the two colors together, I thought of a sunset. I have NYC skyline decals so I used both polishes to sponge a gradient and added the NYC decals.




There you have it! I hope you love these polishes as much as I do.

They will be available on Friday, July 31, 2015 and you can find them at both shops!

You can find Literary Lacquers:
On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Instagram HERE

You can find Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer:
On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Instagram HERE

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun Summer 2015 Collection

A couple days ago I showed you the Zoya Island Fun collection, the creme set of the newest polishes. Today I have the Paradise Sun set, which is 6 polishes with "micronized metallic pearl finish" according to the website. 5 of the 6, to me, have a jelly like finish and the white one, Genesis, seems more crelly to me.

Let's check out all 6! I turned to the Zoya website to help with the color descriptions because, since they are the professionals, LOL, they are better with the descriptions than I am.


First up, this is Selene. Zoya describes it as a "true teal" but I think it's a little deeper, more like an emerald meets a spruce type of color. It has a regal tone to it and I can imagine wearing this over the Christmas holiday. With Selene, as with most of these polishes, 3 coats are needed to avoid VNL (visible nail line).



Aphrodite is a fiery red. Zoya called this a "summer" red but who knows what that means? This one has a glass fleck that we have seen in some mainstreams and some indies, too. I love the color, personally, and the formula was great. I needed 3 coats to avoid VNL.



Royal purple Isa is up next. This is described as a blue based purple - or blurple, as the cool kids say - polish. Zoya claims it has a aqua flash but I don't really see that. I do like the color anyway, and this is 2 coats with topcoat.



Genesis is the white polish in the collection. I read other reviews that pretty much bash Genesis, calling it streaky and all the nasty white polish adjectives you can think of...but I disagree!! Though I think the color is out of place in a summer collection, I love this and I think it's my favorite of the 6! I needed just 3 coats and topcoat for the pics you see here. I thought the formula was fine, more of a crelly than jelly, and I love the slight shimmer. Win for me!



Oceane is a blue turquoise, according to the Zoya website, but I see more of a deep metallic cornflower or something. I think of turquoise as more green...what do you think? Anyway, this is two coats with topcoat added.



Last but not least, Mae is a "warm magenta" which I agree with. Though the base color isn't terribly unique, the purple/gold/pink shimmer makes it unique and very pretty to wear. This is three coats with topcoat.



This may come as a surprise, but my favorites here are Genesis and Aphrodite! What are your favorites?

You can find Zoya polishes on and in a few major retailers, like Ulta. I do recommend following the website, though, because Zoya has some great coupons and deals.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zoya Island Fun Summer 2015 Collection

I am a little late posting the Zoya Summer 2015 collections, so you may have already seen swatches of these. However, there are some really rich toned, vibrant shades that are worth scrolling through again!

Group shot:


This group of 6, the Island Fun collection, are creme polishes. Zoya is well known for it's consistent creme polish formula. With the exception of one, the green polish Jace, which needed 3 coats, the other 5 in this collection were two coats to opacity.

First up, this is Cecilia. I love this color! I have read other reviews that this color stains badly, but since I was just swatching for photos, it didn't stay on me long enough to stain. I recommend doubling up on your base coat and maybe even using a yellow stopper base, too.



Next, this is Nana. I feel like this color has been done over and over by Zoya, but it is a little brighter in person than in the photos. Berry colors work well on everyone so if you don't have one in your collection, this is a good choice.



Talia is a bright blue, "ocean" per Zoya, polish, another potential stainer according to other bloggers. I found the formula on this one surprisingly thick, so be careful with application so you don't get it on your cuticles to stain.



Demetria is a great red shade. It is definitely not a true red, but more like a tomato/coral/pretty complex shade. I found this formula slightly thick as well but I adore the color so it's worth it!



Jace was my least favorite, color and formula. I needed three coats for opacity. The color just doesn't agree with me. I am not sure where the drop on my ring finger came from, either. Next!



Last but not least, Serenity is a unique medium purple shade. The formula was perfect and the color is great. Hooray!



My picks from this collection are Serenity and Cecilia. Double up on your base coat and make sure to wait between coats for these cremes. Which do you like best?

You can find Zoya polishes at Remember, Zoya are 5 free which makes them safer than many mainstream brands!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

American Made Creations: Vinyl Stickers for Everything!! (Including Nails, Of Course!)

American Made Creations is a business started (in California/Florida) by my friend, Shanel, and her fiance, Scott. AMC makes vinyls for home, car, nails, and more. They are also growing as I type this and getting into custom made shirts, tote bags, and other items!


You may already know Shanel from her polish page, Tattooed Nail Girl. And you may have heard of Scott from his other business, Stellar Graphics. (<--If you need a logo for your blog or business, check him out).

I wanted to support Shanel and Scott in their latest endeavor so I asked Shanel for two identical custom stickers: A Texas outline with my initials (LC) separate so I could place them over the spot I lived in, DFW.


I worked with Shanel over FB to get the exact details of what I wanted. She was very patient and sent me designs to look at before moving forward. I ordered one car sized and one to fit my planner. I love how they turned out!

(Spoiler alert: Shanel sent me an awesome package with my stickers and some items for review, including nail stickers! She sent some Shiba Inu shaped items. My dog, my bff Shelby, is a Shiba, so although I love the Texas stickers, my Shelby stickers are the ones that got applied first!!)

Check it out!


I know you're here for all things nail related, so here are my nail vinyls:


Do you see the Shiba Inu shaped decals!??! Woo!!!


Below on my middle finger I used the larger peace signs and on my ring and index, the smaller sized decals. They are good quality and didn't rip or stretch when I took them off the backing. I did use tweezers for easy application. The colors are vibrant and they wore until I took them off.



In case you're wondering, the white polish is Zoya Genesis.

Next, I used one Shelby decal...I mean, Shiba Inu decal...over OPI Hey Baby. I love the subtle tone on tone look! These decals are the same great quality. No pulling or peeling or stretching, even with the tiny feet.



Onto the bigger vinyls!

I was SO excited to see this!!! Shanel knows I love pink so this is just perfect.


Here is how to apply!  Shanel sent great instructions with the vinyls but it is always nice to see it in action, too.

First, peel off backing and stick to clean surface. I used a spare towel to smooth it down and keep the bubbles at bay.


Start to peel off the front protective layer. Go slow and it comes off easily.



Because of the e and the y, there were pieces I had to stick in to form the letters. I used tweezers to easily grab them off the backing and accurately place them in the text.

PS: Obviously the sunlight is playing tricks with the washed out color. The sticker is an eye catching and vibrant pink as you saw in the closer pics.


I saved the best for last!


I may have squee'd when I saw this!! Shanel sent me a hologram Shelby, perfectly sized for my planner (or car, but I carry my planner 24-7 so this was the spot where I can enjoy it most). Application is the same for this as the car vinyl. LOVE!!!!!!



Clearly, from the 10,000 exclamation points in this blog post, I was 110% thrilled with my stickers! I am trying to think of something cool to have AMC make for me next.  I def encourage you to check out and support this new small business.

You can find American Made Creations:
On Facebook HERE
On Instagram HERE

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