Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hare Polish Pretty When I Cry & bornprettystore Zodiac/Constellation Decals!

I have been very picky with my indie purchases lately. I am going on a trip in late June with my girlfriends so I am trying to save my pennies but THISPOLISH changed everything.  In fact, I pre-ordered this baby.  Wanna see?


I love neutral polishes more than anything (yes, even more than pinks), so this unique flakkie filled neutral just grabbed me!  Hare Polish is known for some really unique creations. I own about half a dozen Hares and they are all like this - unique, show stopper, complex, lovely polishes.

I am sorry to say, but I believe this is a LE polish! I just looked on the store and I don't see it listed! Ugh! Stalk those blog sales for this one if you love a classic, classy neutral.


On the site, for a more proper description, it says Pretty When I Cry is a "sandy beige jelly with metallic silver flakes (that come off sort of golden) and iridescent blue mini flakes and shimmer." I actually used 4 coats for this because, as a jelly, it is quite sheer. It is easy to build and has a smooth formula. The flakkies come out of the bottle very easily and it dries fairly quickly.


I received a few samples for review from bornprettystore.com and for some reason, instead of a black creme polish, I decided to try these zodiac/constellation waterslide decals over a neutral!

This is the item I received:


If you like this item, you can find it HERE! 

If you pick it up, just a reminder to use my coupon code MBHMK31 for 10% off and free shipping worldwide!


Like the palm trees I showed you last week, these decals come apart and must be applied one by one...by one...by one... And they are pretty tiny. See? That is my pinky!


Needless to say, I was slightly smarter and used tweezers this time. Even the little stars, shown on my middle finger, come off one by one. Be patient!

The application is easy. Cut to size and pull off the front protective plastic. Submerge in room temp water for 10+ seconds and then slide off the backing. Apply to the nail and press to dry. Blot with a paper towel if needed. Use topcoat to set the design. As you can see from my index finger, I was in a rush and used a quick drying topcoat and smudged the decal. Take your time and use a regular topcoat!



I am a Leo, my birthday is August 4, so I used my favorite decal on my best nail. Does anyone else have a favorite nail? LOL.


You can find Hare Polish:
On the store site HERE
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You can find bornprettystore:
On the store site HERE

And remember to use MBHMK31 for 10% off and free shipping worldwide!

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