Tuesday, June 2, 2015

bornprettystore Review: Palm Tree Water Slide Decals (& New Celestial Cosmetics Polish!)

I am from Connecticut but, for some unexplained reason, I've always loved palm trees. In fact, when I went to college (in the palm treeless land of Massachusetts), I had a faux 6ft tall palm tree with Christmas lights. Yes, I used it all year long! Isn't a college dorm the perfect place for tapestry and palm trees? I think so!

Anyway, when bornprettystore.com let me choose samples to review, I spotted these palm tree decals and immediately knew I needed to try them!

This is what I was sent:


You can find them in the store HERE.

And, before I go any further, let me remind you of my website exclusive 10% off coupon code: MBHMK31 - use it at www.bornprettystore.com.

PS: There is always free shipping no matter where you live!


Back to the palm trees!

  • The instructions for these are pretty much like every water slide decal. 
  • Polish your nails and let dry. 
  • Cut the decal to the desired shape and peel off the front protective plastic. 
  • Soak in room temp water for 10 seconds or so and slide off the back white paper. 
  • Apply to the nail and let dry. Blot with paper towel if needed. 
  • Wait a second and apply a NON QUICK DRYING topcoat. Viola!

Here are the pieces I cut:


Please note one thing: these are individual teeny tiny pieces. I wanted to apply the leaves as a single piece to my pinky, but low and behold, after I soaked them altogether and tried to slide them off the piece of paper, they came off one at a time.

I started with a base of Miss T by Celestial Cosmetics:




Little closer:

Cute, right? Next time, since I know better, I'd use tweezers for these little guys!


Again, you can find this exact item HERE.

For your purchase, you can use the code MBHMK31 for 10% off the already very low prices! (And always free shipping worldwide!)


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