Monday, May 11, 2015

Salon Perfect Neon POP! Summer 2015 - 5 Limited Edition Polishes

Fact: Summer = neons polishes.

Although I rock neons year round, and I know many of you do, too, summer is usually the time that the newest neon collections roll out.  Today I have a review of the 5 Limited Edition Neon POP! polishes from Salon Perfect that are available now at your local Walmart.

First, just so you know, Salon Perfect is re-releasing many of last years neons, which you may still find on the shelf.  I reviewed 8 of them HERE last year if you wanted to take a look, and I also have a quick pic for you now:


For 2015, there are 5 new shades that are Limited Edition and those are what I have for you today. The formulas are quite different so I am going to tell you about them under each photo. I added topcoat to each swatch and I used the Crystal Clear topcoat by Salon Perfect.

Group shot!


I am going to show you pictures in order of the group shot.  First up, here is Oh Snap! described as an intense rose pink.



For this polish, I needed three coats and added topcoat because it dries fairly matte. The first two coats were streaky but the third makes it look nice and creamy. This polish dries quickly!

Next, Copacabana Girl is shimmering coral.



Copacabana Girl is the only one of the collection with any shimmer, but it is very subtle. This also dries semi matte and needs topcoat for shine. I used two careful coats for this, as the first left some balding in spots. Work quickly because it dries fast as well.

Mer-Made of Money is a tantalizing teal creme polish.



I had some issues with this formula, although the color is quite lovely. I needed three coats and even then I was thinking a fourth might be better. This polish did not self-level at all and applied in a very streaky manner. If you're patient, the color is worth the effort but go slowly.

Purple POP! is a playful purple that reminds me of That's Shore Bright by China Glaze.



This polish has the best formula of the 5. It was so creamy and practically opaque in one coat! I used two for the swatch, however. It dries shiny as well but I did add topcoat.

Last but not least, Wrapped Around My Pink-y is an enticing pink jelly.



Since it is a jelly and since I dislike visible nail line, I used four coats for this swatch. The formula was sheer but nice and did not pool or flood the cuticles. It dries shiny and looks great.

Overall, this is a nice set and worth picking up, especially for the $3.99 retail price point! My favorite, in terms of color, is Oh Snap! and my favorite in terms of formula is Purple POP!

Which did you like best? Do you plan to pick up any of these polishes?



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