Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BornPrettyStore Review: Full Nail Water Slide Decals (& Coupon Code!) is a one stop shop for nail art of any kind - stamping plates, water slide decals, rhinestones, studs, striping tape...basically, you name it, they have it!

And here's a coupon for you to use while you're these, exclusive for my readers:


I received a few items to review and show you.  Today I have a really good bargain! This is a set of 5 full nail water slides in different designs.

Click HERE to see this product's listing and all the details!


It came with an orangewood stick and nailfile to help with application.  Check out each design:






Directions are on the back:


Since it was my first time using these, I wanted to do the trial and error application test with my least favorite design.  In the following few photos, you'll see a step by step tutorial and then the finished product.  Ready?

Step 1: Cut decal to your desired length. Don't worry if it's too long, you'll file it down later. Prep nails using a clear base coat.



Step 2: Submerge in room temp water for about 10 seconds.


Step 3: Slide decal from backing.


Step 4: Apply to nail. It does apply lumpy since it's a full nail decal, but be patient. Use your orangewood stick (or finger) to work the decal smooth. Start from the base of the nail and work up to the free edge.  Once it is in place, use the file provided to file away the excess.


And there you have it!

Step 5: Once you're done, seal with topcoat to set and viola.



I recommend a nonquick drying topcoat as they can tend to smudge and smear the design, as you can see on my middle finger.


As I mentioned before, if you're interested to try this product, the store link is HERE.

I wanted to include that specific link because bornprettystore has so many awesome products that you might get lost trying to find this one!

If you decide to make a purchase from, remember to use my coupon code!


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