Monday, May 18, 2015

Bella Luna Cosmetics: Aquamarine Queen & Once Upon A Dream (And Dry Brush Technique Mani!)

Happy Monday! Today I have two more polishes from Bella Luna Cosmetics that I purchased. I already showed you Emerald Valleys, sent to me for review, just yesterday, but if you missed that post, here is a pic of Emerald Valleys:


 Honestly, if you've been a MBHM reader, you know pastels are my go-to polishes. When Bella Luna Cosmetics held a Mother's Day sale, I picked up two pastel polishes called Aquamarine Queen and Once Upon A Dream.

 Let's check out Aquamarine Queen first. This polish is from the Birthstone collection as well for you March babies.


This is three coats of AQ with topcoat. This is an icy blue creme polish with a subtle blue shimmer. I do think three coats are needed. The first went on slightly patchy (hello, pastel polishes), the second made it opaque, but the third added depth and beauty. Pastels tend to dry pretty quickly but this one a minute between coats to ensure no dragging or balding.



Lovely! Next up, this is Once Upon A Dream.


This is a very unique polish! I don't think it's a shifter but it some light it takes on a pastel quality and in other light it becomes a gorgeous, rich bubblegum color with almost a lilac tone. See what I mean?


The formula here is just spot on. There are two coats with topcoat shown here. The polish has a great consistency and dries quickly. Add topcoat and the slight blue shimmer becomes much more apparent.



I tried a bit o'nail art with these beauties. The dry brush technique is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It gives great impact on the nail with very little effort. I used a white base and then did horizontal and vertical dry brush strokes.



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  1. Once Upon a Dream really does resemble Arora's color shifting dress at the end of Sleeping Beauty, it's stunning!


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