Thursday, April 30, 2015

Second Look Post: Nars Trouville

I do not own too many "high end" polishes, but Nars has to be my favorite of the higher end brands.  Chanel is like, 1a on the list, LOL.  Nars Orgasm is a must have polish from the line, but in my opinion, so is this one!


This is Nars Trouville, a flattering medium pink.  I thought it was lighter when I went to use it, but it's got a nice peach tone to it, too, that makes it slightly deeper and more in the medium pink category.  This is three thin coats with topcoat.



Application is perfect.  Even though it is a pastel, it is opaque in two coats with a glossy finish. I did three out of habit and to increase the depth of the color, but two would suffice. It doesn't pull or drag or flood the cuticles. Just a lovely pink!


Have you tried the brand? What do you think?

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