Thursday, April 2, 2015

LynBDesigns: Let's Get Mawwied! Princess Bride Collection

When I looked this polish up in the LynBDesigns shop to see if it was still available (and it is), the first line of the description reads: "Who doesn't love the Princess Bride?"  Never seen it.  Just like most of my polishes with pop culture references, I didn't get it, LOL.

I don't usually buy polishes because of the inspiration, although I did buy a few of LynB's Alice in Wonderland collex just for the name - there are always exceptions to the rule.  I bought today's polish, Let's Get Mawwied, only because I adore a white crelly.  Take a look:



This is three thin coats with topcoat.  The formula is flawless and doesn't flood or pool.  Dry time is decent.  Getting a lot of glitters did require some fishing, but I think the point of this polish is to be dainty, sparse, and delicate.

No undies needed!  This is an opaque base with dainty pastel glitters inside in a variety of shades.

20140326_191445     20140326_191452

One last shot:


LynBDesigns adds new fabulous polishes often, and her collections always have a lot of polishes so there is something for everyone!

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  1. This is pretty! Feels so springy! (Seriously, WHERE is spring? Actual spring? With like 60-70 degrees?)


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