Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Baby Doll & Face of Australia Screen Siren Isn't It Delicious

This is another mani from my archives and shame on me for not posting this bright combo earlier!


The base is from Face of Australia's Screen Siren line. The color is called Isn't It Delicious.  The Screen Siren line is inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Thank you Leeanne for sending me the SS polishes! While I am not the world's biggest MM fan by any means, I am a huge fan of this polish!  Check it out solo:


From my limited experience, FOA polishes are creamy and dreamy formulas. The above swatch shows two coats, no topcoat. I also experienced zero staining with this shade, which can be a risk with polishes in this part of the color spectrum (Sinful Colors Savage, I mean YOU!).

For the glitter topper, I chose Baby Doll by Kawaii Nail Lacquer.  Kawaii polishes tend to have bigger glitter pieces but most, like this one, are easy to work with and require minimal fishing.  Jamie also makes fabulous girly mixes, which I adore, like this one!


20140612_211732     20140612_211832

Baby Doll contains so many glitters!!  I see:

  • white hearts
  • holo butterflies
  • white bars
  • white diamonds
  • magenta hex
  • white hex
  • big teal dots
  • small teal dots
  • small white dots
  • small magenta dots
  • white micro glitter

 Phew!  All of the glitters are suspended in a clear base.  It would look fab over a variety of base colors but I loved the complimenting shades with the teal glitter and teal polish.


Last pic!


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