Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel: Does It Work?

You would not believe how shocked I was to see that my local Walmart had the new Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel that I've been seeing all over nail blogs. That store never has anything new, I swear, so I immediately purchased some of the Gel to try.

To clarify, there is the one in the tub and this gel. The one in the tub, according to reviews I have read, is pretty bad. I saw reviews of this gel that looked slightly more promising, so I went with this one.

Here is the packaging.


And the back with instructions.  Three easy steps, apparently.  Load up the nail, relax for a few mins, wipe off.


The mani I experimented with was Wear Skinny Jeans by Wet & Wild with a thick glitter gradient of Love, Lace, and Lilacs by Lynnderella.  (Sidenote: I covet my bottle of LLL and only break it out for special occasions. This special occasion was a baby shower that I attended for my longtime, friend since diapers friend Jen, who should be having her baby in April! Yay! So you better believe it was worth breaking out the Lynn polish for!).  My mani looked like this:



You may have guessed by the blue, she's having a boy!! :)

The product comes in a bottle, with a squeeze like applicator.  The gel applies as generously as they suggest, meaning it comes out of the bottle pretty quickly.  It smells awesome, I must say, not at all like acetone or harsh chemicals.  It is cooling but not painful or bothersome.

This is my mani with the gel applied:


I never do things exactly as directed, so I actually left it on a solid 4-5 minutes.  I wiped it off with felt, not a cotton ball. I didn't have cotton balls and I figure the gripping properties was the main point here and that felt would be a fine substitute.


Well, what do we think? Not bad, right? It got the polish off pretty easily.

 Perhaps a gradient was an unfair test for a first try since the nature of a gradient tends to be chunkier than just regular glitter polish applied to the nail, but I am more likely to do a gradient than a full glitter mani so it was the right test for ME to try. Other people have different results.

I am not sure if this is really better than my regular remover process of felt, acetone, and patience.  My cuticles weren't bothered by this product, which is a plus, but when I use felt and acetone, I prime my cuticles with a generous rubbing of 365 Days of Color oil before I apply the acetone.

Final thought: Smells great, works alright.  I am glad I tried it but will probably not repurchase.  What do you think? Have you tried this product?

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for this test/post! I haven't found this yet, need to (remember to) look again!


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