Thursday, April 16, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: I Love Decals!

Today I have an exciting post for you!  I was sent items to review from, an online store that has any sort of nail art, decal, charm, gem, stud, polish, stampers, striping tape, etc....the store is intense! It is also very low cost and has some really unique finds!

And, for you, my lovely readers, I have a coupon code!  Check it out:


If you go to, use MBHMK31 for 10% off your purchase!  They also happen to have cell phone covers, hair accessories, and a million other things, so make sure to check out the store.

I have 4 items to show you today and honestly, I loved them all.  Let's get started! I am going to show you the item, link where to get it, and then show you the product on my nails.  Ready?

This is a lace inspired water slide decal. It comes with four rows of thicker pattern and almost two rows of the thinner version.


You can find it HERE. I chose style 1342.



This is shown over Salon Perfect Cold As Ice and topped with topcoat.  I recommend a non fast dry topcoat so it doesn't smudge the decals. Just cut to size, plop in water for a few seconds to separate it from the backing and apply to the nail. Wait a few moments, topcoat it and go!

Next up, these lovely black flower outlines will add a feminine touch to any manicure.


You can find it HERE.



The black decals are shown over Georgia Peach by Salon Perfect. Application is the same as the lace decals above. These are so dainty and pretty.

I love floral decals most of all!


You can find it HERE. I chose style 1369.



The roses are shown over Salon Perfect Lilacking Control. I love how these have stems and can make it look like a bouquet on the nails. Many designs only have the flowers. The application is the same as above.

Last but not least, check out this huge sheet of decals! These are not waterslide decals, these are adhesive.


Doesn't look so big, you say?


BAM! You can find these HERE. You get 9 sets of 12 decals!!!! This is an amazing deal. There are 4 colors to chose from and clearly I chose black.



I am a huge fan of these decals! I am showing them over Zoya Leah and top coated. I need a bit of practice, as you can see from my middle finger, but they are actually really easy to use!

Again, if you decide to make a purchase, make sure to use my coupon code!


You can find everything at



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