Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zoya Delight: Dupes & Comparisons Post Featuring SuperChic Lacquer, Powder Perfect, & Sinful Colors

Almost a month ago, I showed you Zoya's spring collection, Delight.  Remember these lovelies?


As I was swatching a few of them, I thought that they looked similar to polishes I already owned.  Thus, it is time for a dupes and comparisons post!  I am going to show you the polish by itself, show you bottle shots of the comparable polishes, then show you the swatched comparisons.  Sound like a plan?

Let's start with Zoya Eden, the pretty pink creme from the Delight collection.  Here is Eden:


And here are polishes, all Zoya for this one, thought I thought perhaps were similar.  Bottle shots:


On my fingers:

  • Rooney is on my thumb
  • Eden is on my index finger
  • Shelby is on my middle finger
  • Sweet is on my ring finger
  • Kitridge is on my pinky

And take a look at all 5 polishes on my nails.  The swatches are a bit sloppy because I was rushed:


Dupes here? Nope!

Eden and Shelby are closest, in my opinion, and shown in the closeup, but Shelby (middle finger, bottom of the pic below) pulls much more bubblegum and perhaps blue toned while Eden (top) is more of a berry.  I love them all!


Next, here is Zoya Rayne:


Gorgeous, right?  Well, I thought it looks similar to a few others, both indie and mainstream.  I decided to compare:


And here they are swatched on the nails.

  • Zoya Rayne is on my index finger
  • SuperChic Lacquer Coming Unblued is on my middle finger
  • Sinful Colors Cinderella is on my ring finger
  • SuperChic Lacquer Hot Springs Dipping Hole is on my pinky


Closeup of the two most similar colors, in my opinion, with Zoya Rayne on my index finger (top) and SuperChic Lacquer Coming Unblued on my middle finger (bottom):


What do you think?  No clear dupes here.  The closest is clearly Coming Unblued but it has a pink toned shimmer (or flash, as Zoya calls it) while Rayne has a turquoise flash.

Last but not least, Zoya Leslie looks like this by itself:


And, again, I pulled out only indies to compare to this one:


Check them out on the nails.

  • Zoya Leslie is on my index finger
  • SuperChic Lacquer Shrinking Violet is on my middle finger
  • Powder Perfect Deceptively Sweet is on my ring finger
  • SuperChic Lacquer Fumbling Fairytales is on my pinky


Once I saw it on my nails, SC Fumbling Fairytales wasn't even close but it's gorgeous so I kept it, LOL.  Powder Perfect has a true copper undertone to it, so it isn't even close either.

However, the other two are closer.  Zoya Leslie on my index finger (top, in pic below) has a turquoise flash and is a bit darker.  SuperChic Shrinking Violet is lighter and has a pink and blue flash to it. Love both of these!!!!


Dupes here? Nope!  Do I love every single one of these? You betcha!

Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Comparison posts are my favorite! Thanks for sharing! My nails have decided to go into crisis mode, so I'm afraid to paint them or wear wraps at the moment. They're just peeling off! Any suggestions? I always use Nailtiques as a base, but that didn't seem to help them the last few weeks.


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