Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Second...Third...Tenth Look Post: Maxx Factor Fantasy Fire!!

Does this post even need words? Looooook:


20140408_214317     20140408_214312

This holy grail dodo bird of the nail polish world is Maxx Factor Fantasy Fire, which I was lucky enough to acquire from a UK polish pal (thank you, Claudia) right before it became tougher to ship and send polish to the UK.  Why am I typing so many words???

20140408_214419     20140408_214413

I layered two coats of FF over Color Club Disco Dress, which looks like this by itself:


Adding two coats of the coveted FF gives it a beautiful sheen that turns pink in certain lights.  Soooo pretty!!



I am not sure where to tell you to find FF but if you happen to spot it on a blog sale or have a non US friend who can grab it for you, GETITRIGHTTHATMOMENT and don't hesitate!!!!!


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1 comment:

  1. Love both these polishes, and I have never worn either! Now I will have to wear them together :)


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