Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ruby White Tips: Murder House

Do you ever have a polish in your untried pile for so long that once you use it, you have NO idea where it came from or when you got it?

Enter: Murder House by Ruby White Tips.


20140614_200039     20140614_200052

I am pretty sure this was gifted to me or it was an add in when I swapped for it.  It is not really a color that I would think to purchase.


20140614_200101     20140614_200104

Honestly, it isn't a finish I would purchase, either.  It's a dusky blue with an almost metallic finish.  It applied well in three thin coats and I do like the shimmer that shows through. It helps cover those pesky brush strokes that I dislike so much.


Oh! I wanted to include a full bottle shot, too. Look at the fun crystals on the top!


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