Thursday, March 5, 2015

Picture Polish Sky & Funky Fingers Taken (flakie alert!)

You know what? This is my first Picture Polish polish.

Apparently, piCture pOlish capitalizing the C and O instead of the P's - does anyone know why this is so? The Grammar Aficionado in me is going a bit zany right now...not sure I can actually type that again....We'll see how it goes, LOL.

I also just realized that it is an AU indie, which probably explains why this is my first one.  I bought Sky off a blog sale for a price too good to resist.  Quality, non streaky, non chalky looking, shiny sky blue creme polishes are hard to find!


20140614_210849     20140614_210852

Consider it found.

Ehhh? Eeeeeeh?? How gorgeous is this shade? This is two coats, people, TWO coats!


No wonder this is a well known indie brand.  This polish is amazing! No pulling, no balding, no matte finish, no streakiness. Angels sang when I applied this polish. Dare I say this replaces Zoya Blu as my light blue polish of choice??


Mmhmm. I added Funky Fingers Taken because they seemed to compliment each other. Do you like the finished look or should I have left the Picture Polish alone? I'm torn!

20140614_211202     20140614_211154

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