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Perfectly Posh: Skincare, Soap, Body Products - Review!

Today I have a different type of post for you.  While I was perusing a few Connecticut based tag-sale like groups on Facebook, I came across a person, Stacey Deros, asking if anyone wanted to try samples from a company called Perfectly Posh.! Pick me, pick me!!  Stacey sent me a wonderful sample pack of products that I wanted to share with you!

Here is her info. FYI, Perfectly Posh is a direct sales biz, like a Mary Kay or Mark makeup, so if you're interested in learning more, please contact her via her Posh Page HERE!



In addition to the samples, Stacey sent me the Posh Paper, which is a bright, extra large catalog/beauty look book on the products and how the company works:


I told Stacey I had dry skin (seriously, who doesn't right now? It's under 30 degrees, in March. I know I am in New England and spring comes late and get used to it and yaddayadda, but try telling my skin that, okay?). She sent a half dozen samples that I am loving right now. Check them out in group form, then we will get closer.


First, the Gender Bender soap! I was so excited to see this. Charcoal based products are all the rage right now, so clearly Posh keeps on trend with the newest and coolest items.



Coconut oil based products are also on point right now. I love how moisturizing it is. Typical for body butters, this product is thick. I slathered it on my legs and my (nasty) crocodile skin disapeared right away. The scent is pretty much what Heaven must smell like.


Feet! Ew! Considering it hasn't been sandal season since August/September, my feet need some serious help, and Walk On The Beach will do just that. The formula is gritty (duh, sand scrub) but moisturizing. I used it right before I got out of the shower.


I also received BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Daily Wash. Even though it says Daily, I am saving this until my once per week face exfoliating shower sesh. I am guilty of too much scrubbing on my sensitive facial skin, especially in the winter, so I'll report back once I use this.


Woo! I was excited for this, too. Overnight Face Masks are also something I've seen popping up more and more. I plan to try this on Wednesday night (when my boyfriend isn't here, LOL), but I did open the package to smell it and it smells divine.


Last, but not least, the Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme in the scent "It" Girl, has me scrambling to order a full size ASAP!


The product itself, as you can see below, is silky. It is moisturizing but not greasy. It sinks right in and makes your hands feel like butter.  It smells like my Mom's garden in the spring (whenever the heck that will be), just fresh, floral, and, like it says, deliciously girly!

One good tip I read recently was to apply your lotion to the back of your hand, like so, and then rub the backs of your hands together, letting it sink it up top first. Then, rub your hands together palm to palm and get the excess there.  Hands age very quickly, so you really should worry about them just as much as your face!


Overall, I am impressed with this line! Lucky for me, Stacey lives pretty close to me, so I am hoping to make an order and to try some other products. That It Girl lotion will be mine, I tell you!

If you want to check out the products or if you want to join her team, please contact Stacey for more info!

Perfectly Posh Page:


As usual, I thank you for stopping by!


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