Friday, March 6, 2015

New To Me Indie - Bad Bitch Polish: Naughty Nautical, Shalom & Gilded Rose

Today I have three fun polishes for review from a new-to-me indie company called Bad Bitch Polish.  Group shot!


Before we get to the swatches, can I take a minute to show you the intricate packaging?  I adore polishes that come in boxes (like Illamasqua, ILNP or Rainbow Honey) or pouches (ellagee or Liquid Sky Lacquer), but I have never seen packaging like this!



BBP polishes come in a cute plastic box with a ribbon AND a wax seal on top!!!  As a history lover and antiques lover (seriously, I am addicted to the show American Pickers), I absolutely love the wax seal!! Look, look!


Isn't that cute? I was SO excited to see the package like this!

Oh, and, there are polishes, too, haha. The first I have to show you is one of the deepest, darkest, richest navy polishes I have seen! It's so dark that it's almost black, according to my camera. It is a crelly polish, more jelly than creme but somewhat in the middle. This is two coats, with topcoat. The application was decent, but since it's so dark, be careful to avoid your cutes otherwise you'll have some serious cleanup on your hands. The first coat seemed slightly patchy but the second coat made it perfect. Dry time was more on the jelly side of dry time than the creme, but still fairly quick.


Bottle shots with the brush tend to be the trendy thing at the moment, so I am going to hop on the bandwagon. This also helps you to see the depth of the shade of this polish.


20150305_150902     20150305_150843

My camera was not cooperating, so I took a couple of shots with no flash to try to capture the navy a little better:


Next up, Shalom is a clear based glitter topper with mini blue bars, holo triangles and holo squares. The glitter to base ratio is great and I had no trouble getting the triangles on my brush. Bottle shot:


And this is two coats of Shalom over Naughty Nautical. The two paired perfectly together. I had no application issues to report with Shalom. I am not usually a bar glitter fan but mini bars don't bother me too much.


20150305_151531     20150305_151536

I really wanted you to see the navy blue of NN, so after I added Shalom, a lightbulb went off. JELLY SANDWICH!!


Oooh, yes. YES. This was a brilliant idea, if I do say so, myself. I applied the thinnest coat of NN that I could to make sure I didn't overpower the glitter. How pretty is this!

20150305_151902     20150305_151909

I also wanted to try Shalom over a more contrasting base, so I grabbed a pink from my untrieds pile. This is Island Girl Big Island Magic with two coats of Shalom over it. When I photographed this combo, I realized Shalom has a sliiightly tinted blueish base, but the base color still stands out well.

20150305_161252     20150305_161154

Last but not least, this is Gilded Rose. This is a microglitter with a clear base. It's such a concentrated glitter mix that I decided to try it on it's own. But first, bottle shot:


I dabbed on two coats of GR. It is thick because it is chock full of glitter, so dabbing was the best method, in my opinion. Dry time isn't bad at all, considering. This is two coats, no topcoat. By the way, it does dry smooth, no texture at all.


20150305_153248     20150305_153440

So shiny, so pretty! I wanted to show how versatile it is, too, so I did a gradient/drip/whatever you want to call it manicure with Zoya Lillian (Spring 2015) as the base. I love aqua and pink together.


20150305_155203     20150305_155142

Overall, I am impressed with this brand and excited to see what's coming next! Def go and check them out. You can find Bad Bitch Polish:

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On the store site HERE
On Instagram HERE


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