Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kawaii Nail Lacquer: You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently

I have been a huge fan of Kawaii Nail Lacquer for years now! Jamie makes awesome glitter toppers and crellys with fun inspirations.  You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently is from the Avengers, but I admit, I had to google that.  I am so uncool, LOL.

This polish, however, is wicked cool.  Check it out!


YAIRBVD (I'm going to abbreviate the name, hope that is okay with you, my beautiful readers, because it takes forever and a day to type that name) is a clear based glitter topper with a purple theme.  It has lavender stars, purple squares, black dots, purple hex, and an iridescent purple sheen.

20140326_185017     20140326_185039

Kawaii has perfected the formula of the glitter topper that is glitter-tastic but requires no fishing. The big pieces come out as easily as the littles and the coverage is fluid and fantastic.  This is two coats over Tickled Pink by Wet & Wild.



Adorable! I have quite the Kawaii army and I love every single one!


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