Thursday, March 26, 2015

Barielle: Glitter Mania! 5 Glitter Toppers For Spring 2015

Today I have a Barielle polish review for you. If you're familiar with Barielle's creme polishes, prepare to be blown away with something very, very different!

You may have already seen the press release on my blog. Barielle has introduced 2 collections of glitter toppers for Spring 2015.  Each collex has 5 polishes in it.  I received the Glitter Mania collection.  To refresh your memory, this is the press release:


I believe (though I may be wrong) that these are some of the first glitter toppers for Barielle. I am more familiar with their creme finishes, which I do enjoy quite a bit.  I actually used all creme Barielle's as the bases for these glitter topper swatches, but we will get to that shortly.  Group shot:


My review is going to go in order as the press release.  For each color, you'll see a bottle shot, a brush macro, the polishes swatched alone, over white, and over black, then swatches over a Barielle creme base. It's a little photo heavy, so let's get started with my favorite of the group!

This is Confetti.




Confetti is a clear based topper with hex glitters in white, black, light blue, magenta, orange, yellow, and light pink. Very fun!  The glitter to base ratio is great - I actually had to wipe some of the glitters off the brush!! 

Below, I applied two dabbed and pushed coats of Confetti over Soho At Night, a deep purple creme.



Next up, this is Princess Pink.




Princess Pink is a clear based glitter topper with a single color glitter, a rose pink. There are hex and mini hex which give it some nice depth.  The formula was great, no issues.

For the swatches below, I used two coats of PP over Pink Parasol.  This is two coats, no dipping or dabbing required.



Gemstones is up next.




Gemstones is a clear based glitter topper with purple and holo hex, tiny purple dots, and itty bitty light blue micro glitter.  The formula is perfect!

My swatch shows two coats over Taupe Notch, a creamy grey polish.



Orange Flame is polish number 4:




Orange Flame is a clear based glitter topper with a single size and shaped orange hex glitter.  This is the least complex of the 5 and probably not a color I'd reach for often (besides Halloween!).

In the swatches below, I used two coats of Orange Flame over To Blossom, a gorgeous peach creme.  The glitters in OF were easy to get out of the bottle but tended to clump together on the nail, so some pushing and placing was required.



Last but not least, this is Mermaid's Fin.




How pretty is this one! Mermaid's Fin was the most indie like to me, it has a clear base, holo micro glitter, and light blue hex.  The formula is just perfect.

In the swatches below, I paired MF with Heaven Sent, a light robin's egg blue. Heaven Sent is my favorite Barielle creme that I own, actually, it's soo pretty.  MF went on nicely, no fishing required for the bigger glitters.



And there you have it! Mermaid's Fin, Confetti, and Gemstones are my picks for this collection. They are unique, well made, and would look great over a variety of bases.

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