Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Salon Perfect - Perfect Brow Pomade! New Eye Brow Product Alert!

I am SO excited to show you this product!  Big, bold brows are all the rage...and have been for a while - thank you Cara Delevingne!

My eyebrows have been in a sad, too thin, over plucked state for years and years.  Only recently have I started to realize that they really needed a makeover.  I have been purchasing different products, from:
pencils (which are OK), to
eyeshadow and an angled brush (Bobbi Brown brushes rock!) to
the culty trendy Maybelline Studio Eyebrow Drama (which doesn't work at all, thank you for the false hopes, advertising world).

To my surprise (very excited, opened the box and squealed with the happy type of surprise), Salon Perfect sent me a box that contained their brand new Perfect Brow Pomade and a 2 in one eyebrow powder.  This was sent for my review!  Let's take a look!

First, I did receive a press release type letter about the new product:


I also received a personalized note from Salon Perfect! Love the personal touches!


They didn't know which color I'd be, so they sent 3 colors: Blond, Medium Brown, Dark Brown:


And they sent me the Perfect Brow Powder & Stencil combo:


I reached for the Medium Brown shade first because I have dark brown hair and dark eyes.  My eyebrows, however, are very sparse so I figured the darkest color would be too dark but the medium should be perfect.

The product comes with a brush that has an angle on one side and a spooly on the other:

20150215_103600     20150215_103610

The pot of gel has a soft touch, is blendable, and richly pigmented.  With the angled brush, depending on how you hold it, you can make a thick or thin line, like so:

20150209_083519     20150209_083510

I tried it late last week and this is what I got!

salon perfect brow pomade

Much, much stronger brow, with shape and looks pretty natural!

However, I thought it looked a little too can tell I played with the focus and color of the pic, too, so I decided to take more pics. I also wanted to see what the Blond shade would look like. I've been reading more beauty articles lately, especially about brows, and they say to go a shade lighter when filling them in.

Hmmmmm, I thought, maybe the blond will look even more natural?


Once I dabbed out a bit of product, I decided it is more of a toffee shade rather than a truly blond color. Here is an embarassing picture of me with one brow done and one natural. I don't need to tell you which is which, do I?


Come on now, go easy. I was a teen in the 90's when over-plucking was all the rage. Unfortunately for me, mine have decided to boycott re-growth. Sigh.

Anyway, with the Perfect Brow Pomade, I get this!


I love it!! I grabbed the blond shade again on Valentine's Day when the boyfriend and I went out to dinner (at my fave restaurant, good job Donnie!):

salon perfect brow pomade2

In conclusion, I will never have Cara brows.

I dislike the totally faux drawn on look.

I do, however, appreciate and really love the filled in, strong but natural, shaped and defined look that I get with the Salon Perfect Perfect Brow Pomade!

If you're looking for an inexpensive new product to try for your brows, I strongly suggest the Salon Perfect brand!! You can find Salon Perfect at Walmart.

Thanks for stopping by!


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