Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pink Month! Verity: Carmine Pink

Pink month rolls on!  Although, today's post is arguably coral or pink...or coral pink...or pinkish coral.

What do you think?


This is called Carmine Pink.  Verity polishes tend to have names that are slightly mismatching to the color.  However, with the flawless, opaque, creme formula, they can be forgiven on the name issues...somewhat.

20140125_203102     20140125_203126

My swatches shown two coats with topcoat.  It is self leveling with great dry time.  The formula is lovely and doesn't flood or pool on the cuticles.


See how it looks in different light? Pinkier, I think.

20140125_203150     20140125_203051

Now, you may ask, where to get it?

I find Verity only at an off the beaten path beauty store here in Connecticut. I am sure you can find it online if you search. I have purchased it for $2-$4, depending on the polish, and I totally think it's worth the purchase if you can find it.


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