Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pink Month! Sephora Formula X: Exclamation

As I narrow down my choices for Pink Month, it's pretty obvious that I could go for another entire month.  Perhaps one of my 2015 resolutions (is it too late for resolution making?) should be to try more polishes that aren't pink?

Naaaaaaaah!  LOL.  I do what I want!

Today I have a Sephora Formula X polish called Exclamation.  This is a medium toned DREAM of a polish.


20140614_202705     20140614_202632

My swatches show two coats but it could've stood alone with just one!  I was incredibly impressed with the application and opacity!



One more shot!


You can find Sephora X polishes might want to sit down, this may come as a shocker....Sephora! You can also find a good deal when you see one at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, too.


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