Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink Month! OPI: Hey Baby (Gwen Stefani Collection)

Hey Baby is a magenta pink creme polish by OPI created for the first Gwen Stefani inspired collection:


OPI creme polishes are pretty lovely, for the most part, and this polish is no exception!  This is two coats and topcoat, NYC Grand Central Station.

The color isn't entirely unique...my pink melmer drawer may contain two..or three..or more..similar colors, but as a pink lover and a Gwen Stefani fan, I considered this a must have!

20140202_211639     20140202_211725

Couple more pics!



You can find OPI online, in Sally's or even in drug stores lately, although I am not sure if (like Essie's white label v. clear bottle debate) if it's the same formula.


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