Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pink Month! Indie Week! LynBDesigns: Cheshire Grin

Hello and welcome to the last day of February, the last day of Pink Month, and the last day of indie week.  Honestly, I could extend pink month for another month, at least, LOL, but I won't do that to you.

We are ending the month and week with a stunning indie from LynBDesigns.  Say hello to Cheshire Grin!


LynBDesigns is a wicked cool indie line. She seems to base a lot of polishes on fandom themes, like Alice in Wonderland, for example. As I have mentioned before, I try not to buy polishes from the references only, but this AiW collection was an exception. I adore the Alice in Wonderland story and movie, too.

20140614_205624     20140614_205635

The awesome thing about a LynBDesigns collection is that most seem to be 10-12 or more polishes big, which means you're going to find something you love in pretty much every collection she makes!  Cheshire Grin was a Must.Have. for me, and I am really psyched to have it in my collection.


20140614_205604     20140614_205606

This is three thin coats with topcoat.  You can still find this in her store! It has a light holo to it and is such a sweet color.  No issues with formula or dry time. I do three coats with lighter colors like this out of habit, but you might be OK with two. Out of focus macro shot!



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