Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pink Month! Indie Week! Hare Polish: Washed Ahore

Hare Polish has been around for a while but really only got on my radar in 2014.  It seems as if many of Hare's mixes are dark jelly or crelly combos, which aren't my favorite.  However, there are a few of the most delicate, girly, pretty mixes by Hare that I simply HAD.TO.HAVE.

Case in point:


This is Washed Ashore, the daintiest pink base with pretty pastel glitters.  Hare Polishes tend to be glitter bombs to the fullest, and this is no exception.  I actually used a base for this - I believe it was W&W Ticked Pink, which I showed you earlier this month - and 2 coats of Washed Ashore.

Hare has the crelly/glitter formula down perfectly. You never have to fish or fuss for glitters.  Because the mixes are so glitter heavy, they can be a bit thick but easy to use, never an issue.

20141026_194510     20141026_194646

Couple more!



I believe Washed Ashore is in the Core Line for the store because I have seen it during a few restocks and I know it was introduced at least a year+ ago.  I def. recommend trying this brand or at least stopping by the store - with the colors and glitter mixes, there is something for everyone!

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