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Pink Month! 12 Pink Glitter Toppers!

I am trying to get caught up with the dozens (and dozens) of pictures I have not yet posted...and I am noticing that many (um, most) are of the pink variety.  Since it's February, Hallmark's favorite month of love and overpriced cards and chocolate and pink and red and pink and red and pink, let's make a month of it!

Similar to a post I did for Christmas, I want to show you all of the pink/Valentine themed glitter toppers in my collection.  I am NOT including crellys with pink because we would be here ALL.DAY.LONG, but instead, these are clear (or slightly tinted, you'll see) bases with glitters included.

Without playing favorites ahead of time, I am going to go in alphabetical order.  All swatches shown are TWO coats over a white (or no) base.  When I used a white base, the base of choice was Sinful Colors White on White. It's not my favorite for a full mani but it works fine for swatching on a wheel.  I'll tell ya which is which as we go along.

First up, this is Lacey by A Girl Obsessed.  Clearly, I love this one!  I used two coats over white.  Fishing kind of required for the bigger pieces.


China Glaze I Pink I Can:  The glitters have tinted the base ever so slightly.  Glitters are uniform in size so no fishing. Not the most unique ever, but still nice. Shown over a white base. (I think I have to disclose I received this for review a while ago).


Flash Your Tips Cupid Stunt: I actually showed you this over the holidays, too, because I didn't see the name until I swatched it.  This is not pink, as you can see, but it is Valentine's themed. I am bummed that FYT is no longer in biz.


Kawaii Nail Lacquer All Tied Up: Kawaii + pink glitters = love! There is def some fishing required, especially for the bows, which I didn't even capture in this swatch. I did dab a bit to get the pieces where I wanted them but the smaller pieces flow easily.


Kawaii Nail Lacquer Pink Blizzard: Pretty sure this was one of my first Kawaii since it has an older label. Vintage, y'all!  This is one of the softer mixes and I am a huge fan.


Lacquerlicious Pink Granite: Now known as Polish 'M!  This mix is unique because it has pink, white, and black, making it an all season topper. Great formula, easy to apply.


Liquid Sky Lacquer Bee Mine: This is shown  by itself AND over white.  It has a white base and yellow, black, pink, white glitters and pink hearts. I received this for review last year and I have used it throughout the year. It is adorable!

20150125_153338     20150125_153345

Liquid Sky Lacquer Cupid's Bow: This is another polish I have picked up often!  This sparkly mixture has pink bows, red hex, smaller pink and white glitters and a white base. Fishing required for the bows but it's so worth it.


Pipe Dream Polish Be My Flamingo: With a clear base and neon glitters, Flamingo is a standout in this group.  With small squares and smaller glitters, it is easy to apply and has a lot of depth. I've used this over black, aqua, and white and it looks great over everything.


Rainbow Honey Pink Cloud.  I have had this polish, and A Little Kindness as you'll see below, for a reeeeeally long time.  I think it had a tinted base to begin with, but I think the base has become slightly more tinted over time.  I suppose if you layer and layer and layer it, you could wear it solo, but I am still including it with the glitter toppers because I think it would look much better over a colored base, light or hot pink, maybe even a black or purple.


Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness: Pretty much the same description as above, although I am pretty sure this has become more tinted over time.  I would maybe layer this over black or gold, something close to the tint that the base has taken on.  I do love the glitter combo in this though, gold and pink together are just lovely.


Aren't these lovely? I am a huge fan of pink - cremes, crellys, jellies, name it! Hope you enjoyed this post. Plenty more PINK to come all month long!


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