Sunday, February 22, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Flowers, Butterflies, & Maps...and Site Exclusive Coupon Code!

First things first, coupon code!


I have a couple more items from Born Pretty Store that I received for review.  If you haven't been to lately, you must head over.  You will find nail decals, studs, faux eyelashes, phone cases, fashion jewelry - and free shipping all the time!!

The items I received are butterfly water decals and flower water decals:

20150215_144219     20150215_144227

AND, check this out, I also received some map/road map water decals. They are HUGE pieces! Check them out compared to my hand:

20150215_144248     20150215_144257

The flower and butterfly decals are awesome and easy to use. Paint your nails, let it dry. Cut your decals to size. Plunge the decal into water (I used cold water and it worked fine even though the package says to use warm) and wait for about 10 seconds. Slide the decal off the backing and place on your nail. Allow it to dry and then apply clear polish to protect it.

With the butterfly decal, I used China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer and I dabbed on clouds using Salon Perfect Sugar Cube:

You can find the exact butterflies I used HERE!


20150215_150147     20150215_150151

For the flower decals, I used A Girl Obsessed He Loves Me:

You can find the exact flowers I used HERE!


20150215_152737     20150215_152748

Now, let's talk about the maps. I love maps and globes! I even have the world map tattooed on my back. I JUMPED at the chance to sample these decals!! I was shocked when I saw how big they were. How on earth do you use these? I thought maybe they were like a Jamberry or a sticker? Meant for the whole nail?

So, for these, I painted my nail with clear basecoat. I used just one square for four nails and just it into four equal sized pieces.

Starting with my pinky, I attempted to trim the bottom into a curved, nail-friendly shape. Then, like the directions stated, I put the piece in water, waited a few seconds, and separated it from the backing.

I stuck it to my nail and....nothing. It wasn't very bendable and was still very thick. I ended up taking more base and putting another layer and squishing the design to my nail, then attempting to work from the bottom to the tip to hope it stuck to the nail. It really didn't. There are wrinkles, there are bubbles, there is gaping at the top of the nail.

You can find these maps HERE!

Take a look:


20150215_155233     20150215_155227

I got through 3 nails and quit, as you can see above. I'll have to try another day and maybe I will do better next time. In general, though, I do like the products I have received from bornprettystore and given the low prices, huge selection, and free shipping, I do suggest you check out the site!

Go to:

Just to sweeten the deal, one more time, here is the coupon code for 10% off the already low prices:


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