Saturday, January 24, 2015

New To Me Indie: Glitter Daze - Summer Sprinkles

Today I have a new to me indie polish that I did swatches of pretty much forever ago.  No idea why I haven't posted it because it's a really fun glitter topper that would look great over any base.

Take a look!


This is Summer Sprinkles, gifted to me by Sam of A Girl Obsessed.  I had a brief obsession with obtaining everything neon and glitter topper related so she was gracious enough to send this to me during my neon topper phase (like Picasso's Blue Period, right?).  Swatches show SS over Zoya Chantal:

20140209_200636     20140209_200656

This is two coats over Chantal and it looks amazing! The glitter is throughout the base and therefore flows on the nail very easily. Since the pieces are uniform in size, there is no fishing required. Great application!

20140209_200642     20140209_200645

I wanted to try it over a brighter base, so this is two coats over Verity Deep Lavender.  Label says Deef Lavender but I am pretty sure they meant Deep!

20140209_195112     20140209_195117

You can find Glitter Daze:
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On the store site HERE

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