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My Boyfriend Hates Makeup: Best of 2014 Polishes, Brands, and Posts!!!!

Happy New Year!

For my first post of 2015, I want to start with a look back to 2014 before we go any further!  It was a great year for indies and polishes in 2014. It seems as if some mainstream companies are becoming more and more inventive to keep up with the creative minds who run indie brands, but in my opinion, the indies still rock hardest.

First, let's just start with my favorite indie brand of 2015.  Can you guess what it is???



Just like 2013, my favorite brand of 2014 is:

Literary Lacquer!


Amy's polishes are consistently beautiful and boast perfect formulas.  The polishes have creative inspirations and the collections are cohesive, innovative, and unique.  Her customer service is second to none and Amy herself is awesome.  #enoughsaid.


My favorite manicure that I did in 2014 is also a nod to Literary Lacquer as I used polishes from 2014 and prior to create this NYC skyline look:


Indie companies come and go throughout the year. I want to share my favorite NEW indie of 2014 as I wish this company lots of success in 2015. My favorite NEW indie brand of 2014 is:

Knockout Lacquer!

This brand has come out swinging! (ha!). The woman behind the brand, Ashley, is a sweetheart and her customer service is great. Her brand, Knockout Lacquer, has a cohesive theme and is inspired by MMA fighters. (Speaking of, Ashley, we still need to work on a polish inspired by my 2nd cousin, MMA Fighter Brennan Ward!). It's All Over is one of my favorite polishes and I have picked it up quite a few times this year. I loved it so much that I picked up a second one for my nail mail pal, LeeAnne, in Australia, and sent her one, too.

Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-53-23     Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-45-40

To complete my manis, I have a few go-to products that I consistently pick.  I panic if I don't have back-ups of these, so they deserve mention!

  • Favorite Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
  • Favorite Top Coat: HK Girl
  • Favorite Holo Top Coat: Let It Shine by Kawaii Nail Lacquer
  • Favorite Matte Top Coat: Matte-ict by A Girl Obsessed

Though I prefer indies, I do want to share my favorite mainstream brand from 2014.  This brand is easy to find, affordable, and offer a variety of finishes!  My favorite mainstream brand of 2014 is:

Salon Perfect!

Specifically, Haute Pink, which is arguably red or coral as opposed to pink, is my favorite from that brand.


If you follow me on any social media platform, you'll quickly notice one theme that appears more often than not: PINK! I adore pink polishes - the brighter, the better! Here are my top three pink polishes that I picked up in 2014 (although not all were created in 2014).

From left to right, this is :
  • Liquid Sky Lacquer What Was Your Name Again?, 
  • Hare Polish Love Of Lisa, 
  • and Illamasqua Collide.

Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-53-44     Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-51-55     Screenshot_2014-12-21-12-01-41

This isn't exactly brand related, but I really wanted to include one of my favorite nail polish related moments of 2014! In October, for my Mom's birthday, we went to the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. An incredibly happy and interactive whale named Juno made our trip amazing. The caretaker said he could see us as well as we could see him and that he really loved to see people watching him. He seemed to favor me, following me as I walked up and down the viewing window, so I asked the caretaker why that was the case. She said he was probably attracted to my bright nail polish! I am wearing Traffic Cone by Salon Perfect here:


To end this post, I want to share a few of my favorite manis from the past year! Just a few more photos left:


This is a sunset sponge mani, inspired by my backyard!


You Polish decals are easy to use and good quality.  In fact, for 2015, YP has stopped making polish and is focusing solely on decals so I am sure we can expect great things coming in 2015.


Completely opposite to the messy sponged look, stained glass manis were another favorite technique of mine in 2014.


Model City Polish turned out my favorite Halloween collection of 2014.  This grey creme beauty is Here Lies...and it is scented with a subtle earthy scent. Love it!

Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-51-01     Screenshot_2014-12-20-22-46-01

Two other new in 2014 indies deserve some mention, too: Dragon Claw Polish and Sparkly Vernis.  Looking forward to see what they come out with in the next year!


I Love Nail Polish is an indie brand that always seems innovative.  Although many indies have released these chrome flakkies, I believe (though I could be wrong) that ILP released them first.  This beauty is Electric Carnival.


Last but not least, this neon splatter mani was published as a guest post to Lace & Lacquers while Lacey S was moving.  I love the look of this but I love it even more since my boyfriend did the splattering.  He is new for 2014, too, LOL, so I wish many more years with him, too. <3

Thank you so much for checking out this post and thank you for a wonderful 2014. Looking forward to sharing more polishes with you in the coming year!


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