Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cupcake Polish: Look Who's Stocking Now

Is it too late to do a holiday themed polish??

Hope not, because this one is a Must See!

Today I have a gorgeous holo polish called Look Who's Stocking Now made by Cupcake Polish.  I was not planning to pick this up but I am in a Cupcake group on Facebook and when I saw swatches, I immediately went and grabbed this. Thank you, Linda, for the enabling!


How pretty is this? I do have quite a few holo polishes but nothing like this turquoise meets teal shade.  Cupcake has the holo formula down pat.  You only need 2 coats but I love how deep holos look with a third coat, so this is 3 coats plus HK Girl topcoat.

20150101_191421     20150101_191438

One more pic just because! Hmm...looks like these pics are a little fuzzy, doesn't it? I think my phone is dying, sigh. I know I'll pick this up again so I officially owe this a Second Look Post, coming soon!


If you love this as much as I do, head on over to Cupcake Polish and snag it before it's too late.  You can find Cupcake Polish:

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On the store site HERE

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