Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bear Pawlish: Peek-A-Boo

I hope you had a great holiday.  The weather is cold and dreary so I was thinking another bright, holo polish is the way to go today.  May I present...Bear Pawlish Peek-A-Boo!


Honestly, this was part of a swatchathon posted in Nail Polish Comparisons & Dupes, a Facebook group.  One awesome swatcher posted dozens of nail sticks with hot pink holos and this Bear Pawlish stood out from the crowd so vividly that I immediately purchased it.  As you can see, it did not disappoint!

(BTW: I cannot remember the name of the person who posted the comparisons.  If you are her or if you know her, please tag in the comments. And thank you, whoever you are, LOL.)

20141014_185627     20141014_185613

This is three thin coats with HK Girl topcoat.  The formula is lovely and the color is bold and bright. It is a true hot pink but not necessarily a neon pink.  This is my one and only Bear Pawlish but what a way to introduce myself to a new brand!

20141014_185548     20141014_185621

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On Facebook HERE


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1 comment:

  1. Looks great! I recently purchased this during the last sale along with 2 more. Can't wait until they arrive!


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