Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quaint Paints Lacquer: 3 Winter Themed Polishes!

New Indie Alert! I have three Christmas/Winter themed glitter topper polishes for you from Quaint Paints Nail Lacquer that I was sent for review. One is scented and two glow in the dark!  One has pine tree glitter (oooh ya, you read that right: Pine.Tree.Glitter!) and the other two have snowflakes!!

 Group shot:


First up, QP describes Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas as a "white snowflake glitter with various sizes of white hex glitter, along with iridescent glitter that has a purple/blue color shift. This one glows white in the dark."


This is two coats over Zoya Reagan.  The formula is great but since it's a glitter bomb with clear base, you need to give it plenty of time between coats to dry or you'll get a little drag.  The iridescent shards make this really unique. It would look good over anything!

20141213_144657     20141213_144710

And it glows!  The bottle looks more glowy than my nails but let's blame that on my camera!  The polish is great!


Next, Let It Glow is described as "really similar to the first one, but instead of white glitter, it's holographic silver, and the iridescent glitter has a blue/green color shift. This one glows turquoise in the dark."


It is very similar in formula, too.  The holo and iridescent shards give it a very party perfect and icy look!  This is two coats over Color Club Aquarius.

20141213_135109     20141213_135121

And, look at it glow in the dark! It is stronger than my camera would capture, but it's pretty awesome anyway.


The maker notes that the best way to charge them to glow is with sunlight or a blacklight. Regular light bulbs don't always work that well.

Last but not least, Polishin' Around The Christmas Tree is so unique and festive!  It is described as "large metallic Christmas trees along with two sizes of dot glitters in many colors (the tree ornaments/lights). There is also a sprinkle of gold glass fleck shimmer in there as well."


Again, this would look great over any base.  This is Boho Chic by Barielle and two coats of PATCT.  The formula is a little base heavy because of the heavy glitters but Christmas Tree Glitters!! Say what! How cute are they!


I also did two coats over Zoya Ling.  Make sure to give it dry time so you don't get any drag, but that's a tip for any glitter bomb, really.  You'll need to fish a bit for the trees, but it's totally worth it!  I did fish and place the trees but the other glitters come out with ease.

20141213_150959     20141213_150924

This one is scented!!  It smells like cinnamon and pine trees to me, a really nice balsam scent. It isn't overpowering but it is right when you open the bottle and when your nails are wet.

Aren't these cute?  I love the white snowflakes and the mix of Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas best although all are unique in my collection. And I love the scent of Polishin' Around The Christmas Tree!

PATCT is already available in her store and look for the others coming soon!!

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