Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dragon Claw Polish: Game of Thrones Collection - Smell The Gold Roses & Debts Paid

Hello! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

 I have two polishes for you from the brand new 8 piece Game of Thrones inspired collection by Dragon Claw Polish. I received two polishes called Smell The Gold Roses and Debts Paid. Bottle shots!


This is another collection theme that I am not.at.all. familiar with!  I'm sorry to say I haven't read the books or watched the tv show so I am going to reprint Janet's descriptions along with my comments, too.

First up, "Smell the Gold Roses is a representation of House Tyrell. Their shield is a gold rose on green. This polish is a pale mint green sheer polish with a scattered gold holo effect."


This polish is pretty but sheer, sheer, sheer.  This is 4 coats alone, with topcoat.  I do like the color, but I wanted to try it over a couple bases to see how the color would change.  It does shift a bit, which makes it even more special, as you can see below:

20141223_153624     20141223_153622

I swatched it over a couple bases, including white and black cremes:

20141223_153057     20141223_153101

And then I decided to swatch it over Zoya Tilda.  The green really stands out and the gold makes it very unique. This is with flash:


20141223_162301     20141223_162419

And this is without flash:

20141223_162519     20141223_162509

My "second bottle is Debts Paid. It represents House Lannister. The Lannisters are a rich family and their house colors are gold and silver. This polish is a glitter bomb of gold and platinum flakies, silver holo glitter chunks, and ton og gold glitter."


My swatch shows two coats of Debts Paid over Essie Butler, Please.  The polish is easy to work with and covers the nail nicely.  I did have to shake and fish for some of the heavier triangles, though.  I suggest storing this upside down for ease of use.  I do love a gold topper and this will look pretty over any base.

20141223_152628     20141223_152636

I really love Debts Paid, I know I'll pick that up again and again!

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Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays!


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