Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cupcake Polish: Dallas & As Good As Rose Gold

Hello there! Just a couple days left in 2014 and this is my last post of the year!

My first post of the New Year is going to be a Favorites post, so please come back soon!

Let's end it with a holo bang, as holos seemed to rule 2014.  I have two polishes, purchased by me, from Cupcake Polish.  Based on the colors alone, it may seem obvious why I chose these two, but with one, there's more to it than that.

As Good As Rose Gold was a must-have for me.  I love pinks, I love neutrals, and rose gold is really my weakness.  Even though golds are usually metallics and I hate streaky polishes, rose golds seem to come in a variety of finishes - including holos!  The rose gold mix of colors tends to look great on every skin tone and it is an all year color.

Dallas, on the other hand, is a red leaning color leaning pink color and wouldn't normally be my first pick.  However, the name itself is the reason I chose it and I actually adore the color.  I am a born and raised New Englander: I live in Connecticut until I was 18, lived in MA/Boston area until I was 24, and then I hauled myself to Arlington, Texas, which is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area, from 24-31.  It was the farthest I've been from home. It was the first time I lived alone. It was a hard trek through Graduate School and a great time teaching American History at a Community College in Arlington.  I had a blast! I met great people and had some unforgettable times.  I also rescued a dog there and sent him home (no thank you, city kill shelters) to Connecticut and named him...Dallas.  Therefore, this  polish had to be mine.

On to the pics!!  Let's see Dallas first, since I just gave you my life story in a paragraph about it.


This is three thin coats, no topcoat. It would be fine with two but I'm in the habit of three lately.  The formula is great, no pooling, no balding, just fluid and flowing on the nail.

20140916_075853     20140916_075922

Looooook at the rainbow!


So holo it freaks my camera out! LOL.


As Good As Rose Gold is a pinker leaning silver shimmer golden polish. Needless to say, I am in love!



In different lights, it pulls more gold and in some lights, more silver. With flash, you really see the gold:

20140914_093422     20140914_093245

Gorgeous, right? Formula is lovely, just like Dallas. It's easy to apply and is just like butter on the nails. This is three thin coats, no topcoat.


Indirect light, no flash...still sparkly!

20140914_093304     20140914_093355

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