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China Glaze Twinkle 2014 Holiday Collection Review

Today on the blog I have a photo heavy review of the China Glaze 2014 Twinkle Holiday collection.  This 12 piece collection has something for everyone, including some must have classic creme shades. Group shot:


Let's start with the cremes because even if they are not super unique shades, they are classics that every polish collector (coughoardercough) should have!  Tip Your Hat is a gorgeous red creme, easy to apply and just the right consistency - it is practically a one coat creme. No pooling in the cuticles, quick dry time, just a great basic polish.  This is two coats, no topcoat.  The color is closest to the bright shade seen in the macro.


20141201_204801     20141201_204846

Out Like A Light is a great dark grey shade.  Also great formula, opaque in two coats and easy to control. Shown here with two coats, no topcoat.


20141201_200028     20141201_200032

Define Good... is a metalicy meets shimmery polish.  It is a lovely wine shade but if you're not careful, you may see some brush strokes. This pulls slightly purple on me but shines differently in different lights, as you can see below.  Shown with two thin coats, no topcoat.


20141201_201657     20141201_201714

December to Remember is one of the polishes I was most excited for, but it didn't end up as a favorite.  In the bottle you can see flashes of pink shimmer, yellow, green, but it doesn't translate to the nail.  It also had a noticeably long dry time.  This is three thin coats, no topcoat.


20141201_214924     20141201_214939

I'd Melt For You is a metallic meets chrome meets show every imperfection in your nail polish. I am not the neatest nail painter and this polish proves the point. The finished color is a metallic silver that flashes from dark to light. It is opaque in 2 coats, shown here.


20141201_203413     20141201_203410

No Peeking! is another metallic-like color that can show streaks if you're not careful. The eggplant purple shade is pretty but I wish it was a creme formula. This is two coats, no topcoat.


20141201_220044     20141201_220038

Meet Me Under The Stars! is my favorite polish from this collection. I cannot wait to use it as the background of a galaxy mani. On my middle and ring, I used a base of a black creme, followed by two coats of MMUTS. On my pinky, I used three coats alone. It has a blackened base so you can use it alone and get depth but I love how it looks with the black creme underneath. Love this one!


20141201_210132     20141201_210126


On to the glitter toppers!

De-Light is a gold holo glitter topcoat with a clear base. I am not a fan of bar glitter but holo bar glitter? Maaaybe. The glitter payoff is nice. This is shown over a black creme, and has one coat over my middle finger, two coats over the ring finger, and three coats dabbed on over my pinky. It would take a lot to get this to full coverage, but as a topper, it sparkles quite nicely.


20141201_195020     20141201_195034

Dancing & Prancing reminds me of another CG I own but I couldn't find it. It has multi colored almost-matte glitters that will look great over any base. The matte finishes make it sophisticated and not too bright. The formula was great. Shown over Zoya Normani, a black creme and a white creme. Two coats, no topcoat.



Feeling Twinkly is a blue micro glitter topcoat.  My swatches show two coats over December To Remember, a black creme and a white creme.  It applies nicely.  It is a pretty polish but not one I can imagine using too often.



Pine-ing for Glitter is a gorgeous emerald green topcoat.  It is similar to Feeling Twinkly but there are a few other sizes of glitters that give it depth and more payoff.  This is two coats over a Barielle green, Boho Chic, and a black and white creme. This is one of my favorites by far.



Last but not least, Chillin' With My Snowmies has the best name and the worst formula. I suggest dumping this out on tinfoil and using tweezers or a brush to grab and place the glitters. It has so much base and so few glitters. I get what they are trying to do, but the formula just isn't great. I can't really tell you how many coats I used because this is dipped, dabbed, and placed on the nail. The base is Out Like A Light.


20141201_200507     20141201_200458

You can find China Glaze on www.ChinaGlaze.com and at retailers like Sally's Beauty.

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