Thursday, December 25, 2014

15 Indie Christmas Polishes!

Instead of Christmas nail art, I decided to showcase my 15 Christmas themed indie polishes that I dug from my stash.  Some are from the past and some are still available...all are unique and made by an indie company.

Around the holidays, as all year, it is important to try to buy local items and support your local artisans.  Let's get started!


This is Not Your Mother's Cranberry Sauce by Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer.  Swatch shows three thin coats of this jelly polish and features gold glitters.  Def more of a pink/cranberry but given the name, that was probably on purpose!


Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer presents The Man Who Makes The Toys, another cranberry/reddish jelly polish with green and red glitters. This is three thin coats.  I would put a redder base under it to make it lean more of a true red.  BEGL is def. still in business and is turning out some gorgeous polishes lately.


Playlist Polish presents Santa Baby, a truer red jelly with silver micro glitter.  Playlist is on a break and I couldn't find a FB page, but I hope they return to business soon!  This is three thin coats of polish.


Reindeer Doody by Tipsy Turvy Polish has red and green hex and fine gold micro glitter throughout.  This is another page that hasn't had much interaction so I am not sure if they are still in business.


Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer's All I Want For Christmas... is a clear based micro glitter topper in red, green, and white.  Again, link to her FB page is HERE and you can def still find some pretties from this shop.


Flash Your Tips Sparky has red squares and hex and white squares, hex, and micro glitters.  The FB page is still up but no interaction for over a year.  Here's hoping for a 2015 return!


A second polish from Flash Your Tips, called Cupid Stunt, is clearly meant for Valentine's Day but I didn't notice the name until I had already swatched it. This is red hex, silver bars, and a holo micro glitter. This is one of my favorites in this post!!


Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer makes a 3rd appearance with Santa Baby, a white frosty polish with red and green hex and red and green micro glitter.  The frost, which I normally don't care for, adds a snowy and festive feel to this polish.


Glitter Me This is an unofficial line but you can find her FB page HERE.  This polish didn't have a name, but I still wanted to include it. I think Nicole sent this to me as a RAOK one year.  It has a white crelly base with red and green shreds and squares.


Kawaii Nail Lacquer's Oh Christmas Tree is perfectly festive with green shreds for the tree and colored dots for the ornaments.  Kawaii Nail Lacquer can be found HERE on Facebook and has recently released a brand new holiday collection.

Unrelated: My favorite holo top coat of aaaallll ttttiiimmmeee is Let It Shine by Kawaii so if you hop over to her store, def. check out that topper (and you'll see my nails there, too!).


Holly Jolly is also by Kawaii Nail Lacquer and has a clear base with red, gold, and green dots and micro glitters in the same colors.  This would look great over any base!


Next, I have three polishes by Quaint Paints Lacquer, which is a new indie on the scene.  This is Polishin' Around The Christmas Tree which is unique with it's green pine tree glitter AND it is scented! The scent has a pine tree meets cinnamon meets perfect holiday scent - love it!


Let It Glow is by Quant Paints too,  It has holo snowflakes, shreds, and holo hex.  It glows in the dark!!  Quaint Paints has come out with a great selection of polish and I wish them a great 2015.


Dreaming of a Bright Christmas is the white version of Let It Glow by Quaint Paints Lacquer.  Very pretty, too, and it glows!


Last but not least, this is Vinter Snowrise by A Girl Obsessed which is coming back in 2015.  This comes with a baggie of snowflake glitter to place yourself.  I really like that idea because there is no fishing for big glitters and you're guaranteed to get them where you like them.  This has a clear base and not so traditional colors but I love the mix of colors. It truly looks like a bright sunrise when there is snow on the ground. Sam is a real-life friend of mine, LOL, and AGO is one of my fave brands so I am really looking towards her reopening in 2015!

That's all I got for you. Hope you enjoyed a peak at several indie brands.

My favorites are Cupid Stunt by Flash Your Tips, Oh Christmas Tree by Kawaii Nail Lacquer and Polishin' Around The Christmas Tree by Quaint Paints!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a favorite indie Christmas polish? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas!

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