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Zoya Wishes: Holiday 2014 Review!

Let's continue the Zoya love with a peek at the Winter/Holiday 2014 collection called Wishes.  I love that Zoya didn't include a traditional green, red, or white in this collection.  In fact, it's quite the opposite featuring black, blue, and purple!

Group shot:


As you can see, there are 3 regular polishes and 3 Magical Pixie Dust polishes. The shades coordinate slightly, so I am going to post the regular then the Pixie that kind of matches.

First up, this is Willa, a creamy 2 coater black.  If you don't have a black staple in your collex, this may be The One. It has a thick enough consistency that it doesn't pool the cuticles or require clean up, and it's streak free and shiny in just two coats.


20141028_200647     20141028_200654

The matching Magical Pixie is called Imogen, a "black crystal" polish that is opaque in 2 coats.  I really love this one.


20141101_160452      20141101_160447

The purples in the collection are Haven, shown below, and Thea.  Haven is a pretty plum that looks lovely on every other skintone besides mine, LOL. It also photographs different in different lighting!  Here it is with flash:


20141101_154840     20141101_154836

And without flash. The pics without flash are more color accurate in my opinion.

20141101_155039     20141101_155005

Thea (and the blue Nori, coming up) and thinner in formula, more like jelly pixies, if that makes sense.  Thea needed 2 coats, but thicker coats than Imogen.  The shine is out of this world though, so pretty!


20141101_165949     20141101_165958

Lastly, the blues are Prim and Nori.  Prim is a gorgeous color but the brush strokes are visible in this metallic polish.  Be sure to take your time and paint straight lines!


20141101_132039     20141101_132055

Last but not least, Nori is a jelly Magical Pixie, requiring two thicker coats. It is worth the effort - Nori is stunning when it dries!


20141101_161945     20141101_161957

There you go! I have to say, Nori is my favorite with Imogen a close second. Zoya has a special knack of making me like colors that are out of my normal zone - never a bad thing!

You can find Zoya on Zoya.com and keep an eye out for upcoming holiday promos!

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