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Zoya Matte Velvet Re-Release: See Swatches Here!

To the utmost happiness of many a polish lover, blogger, and collector, Zoya has re-released it's 6 piece Matte Velvet collection!

Group shot:


I have seen a few reviews already and it's pretty clear that the polishes look just as gorgeous, if not even better, with a shiny topcoat. What I haven't seen is a side-by-side of the matte vs. glossy finish, so that's what I am going to show you.

Let's get started!

First up, this is Dovima, a basic black matte.  The formula is quite, aptly named, velvety! This is two coats, no topcoat:


20141101_085922     20141101_085928

This is with an added matte topcoat. My matte TC of choice is A Girl Obsessed Matte-ict. You may wonder why I added more matte to matte polishes, but not all of them as really that flat on their own.  This one is, so the matte TC doesn't add much.


Lastly, this is matte v. glossy. My glossy TC of choice for these swatches is NYC Grand Central Station, my favorite base and topper for swatching. How stunnnning is this shiny!

20141101_090206     20141101_090242

Next, this Verushka.  Oh, my gooooodness! I adore this polish! I do not own anything like this. The formula is flawless, so buttery. This is two coats, no topcoat:


20141101_091228     20141101_091243

This is with a coat of AGO Matte-ict.  Again, not much of a difference since it dries very matte on it's own.


And, hope you're sitting down, look at this with a glossy topcoat:

20141101_091835     20141101_091818

Next, this is a purple polish lovers dream in matte or when glossy.  Savita is a rich jewel toned purple that dries fairly matte by itself. The formula is lovely! This is two coats:


20141101_093234     20141101_093226

And with AGO Matte-ict:


And then glossy! Holy moly, does this shine!

20141101_093610     20141101_093620

Next up, this is the other purple of the collection, Harlow, is a much redder, more of a berry like color.


20141101_102851     20141101_102903

I added AGO Matte-ict for this shot:


Shown here with a glossy topcoat:

20141101_103351     20141101_103332

The other gray/silver of the group is Loredana. This is my least favorite because it dries too shiny for me. This is two coats alone:

20141101_095421 - Copy

20141101_095429     20141101_095435

Added a coat of Matte-tic doesn't really help, I am sorry to say.


And, even with glossy topcoat, it's hard to tell the difference between the two. In case you really can't tell, it's my index finger that does not have glossy topcoat:

20141101_095819     20141101_095839

Last but not least, this is Posh, a cheerful cranberry red. This is two coats, no topcoat for the first set of pics. It doesn't dry as matte as I'd like on it's own.


20141101_101015     20141101_101031

It does dull a bit with a coat of Matte-tic:


But this one, like a couple others, looks best with a coat of the glossy:

20141101_101454     20141101_101459

You already know you can find Zoya on or at your local Ulta.  Which is your favorite? I think mine is Verushka, simply because it's matte by itself and oh, so stunning when glossy. I know I'll pick this up, especially over the holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I only have Harlow in this collection, but it's so beautiful!


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