Thursday, November 20, 2014

OPI This Gown Needs A Crown - Miss Universe 2013 Collection

Hello!  Today I have a polish from OPI's Miss Universe 2013 collection called This Gown Needs A Crown.

 OPI released a trio of polishes in November 2013 to celebrate the Miss Universe pageant.  I picked up only one, This Gown Needs A Crown, and swatched it a while ago...but I am just getting around to showing it to you now!

Let's take a look:


This is three thin coats of TGNAC.  The bottle came with an adorable little crown charm, isn't that sweet?

You may be thinking that metallics, silvers, and golds are pretty scare around MBHM, and you're right!  Metallics are usually guilty of my least favorite polish characteristic - visible brush strokes!! UGH!  But, take a closer look:

20140122_210235     20140122_210206

No brush strokes!  This goes on really nicely and builds up well without streaking or brush strokes.  Hallelujah!


20140122_210016     20140122_210112

Pretty, isn't it?

I will def grab this polish again, which I don't say for many silver polishes in my collection!  I don't think this made it to OPI's core collection but I am sure you can find it on amazon, ebay, or in polish sales groups on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!

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