Saturday, November 8, 2014

MBHM Attempts Nail Art: Stained Glass Mani Feat. Literary Lacquers!

Okay, so, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I have posted pics of this before.  Honestly, I am so proud of how well it came out that I couldn't contain myself and posted it right away!  This is perhaps my favorite mani to date!

I used 8 polishes by Literary Lacquers to create a stained glass mani.  I had so many compliments (thank you!) and requests for a tutorial that I decided to do a blog post.

Finished product:


Isn't that lovely? I try not to toot my own horn, but I LOVE THIS MANI.  And I love Literary Lacquer polishes.  I knew Amy's perfect holos would be perfect for a stained glass look.  AMIRIGHT or what?!

So, I started with a black base.  I use Out The Door Black Hole.  Then, I added HK Girl topcoat, let it dry, and for some reason, it picked up a navy blue hue.  Odd, but still pretty.


Honestly, this mani is LONG on time but fab on results.  I used the following 8 Literary Lacquer polishes, using a regular paint brush (NOT the polish brush, too big) to fill in the spots randomly.


I used striping tape (buy it online, like Amazon, not in stores, to save money) to make random designs.  To make sure I pulled the tape up in the right order, I started with the shortest piece, then used longer and longer pieces, about 4-6 for each nail.  Then, when I removed them, I started with the longest piece back down to the shortest.  I did two to three coats of each polish.  WAIT, wait, wait until it's totally dry before pulling the tape up.


After the tape was removed, I added HK Girl topcoat and ta-daaaaa!  Here are a few too many pics, LOL.


20140511_174357     20140511_174405

What do you think???


20140511_174441     20140511_174425


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  1. This is gorgeous! Definitely need to set aside some time to do it, but looks like it's totally worth the effort! Good idea making the strips different lengths. I probably wouldn't have thought of that until I ruined the whole thing.


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