Saturday, October 11, 2014

Zoya Pixie Dust Dupe Post: Oswin v Chyna

Today's post will be super quick and short.  I didn't realize that these pics weren't up to my usual quality, and with plenty of scheduled posts ahead, I don't have time to re-do these swatches.  I do apologize but I think you can get the point of the comparisons anyway.

Promise you'll come back for better pics!? Pinky swear!?

Alright, if you're still here, let's look at bottle shots.  Today's post compares two Zoya Pixies, Chyna and Oswin...Can you tell which is which??

Here is a pic of the polishes the way they are meant to be worn - no topcoat.


In this shot, they look very, very different. Chyna is on my middle finger only. Oswin has bigger holo particles and dries much more matte.


However, add a coat of glossy topcoat...and take a look at this:


Now they look quite similar to me!

Do you need both?  Maybe NOT! I wouldn't call these dupes, especially in the way they are meant to be worn, but if you have one, you may not need both.

What do you think? Do you need both?


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