Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pretty & Polished - To Be A Lady from the Sweet Sixteen Collection

Pretty & Polished To Be A Lady is a polish that I received from a friend (Thanks, Jess S!) and, for some reason, it went untried for a while!

I really don't know why it hung out in my untried's an indie, a pink based crelly, and super girly - those are my favorite polish characteristics! LOL.  I am glad I finally used it though, because it is puuurty.

Check out To Be A Lady:

The bottle came to me label-less, so I googled a bit and easily figured out what it was.  It came out in the summer of 2013 and was part of the Sweet Sixteen collection, which had 3 polishes total.

20140125_150002     20140125_150014

I don't have any other polishes by Pretty & Polished, so this is my first time trying the brand.  The crelly is a good formula, easy to work with and builds to opacity in 3 thin coats.  Even chock full of glitters, the consistency is not thick at all. The big glitters came out with little effort but I did push and place the biggest ones. The smaller glitters came out easy as well and required no placement.


I was checking out their store and unfortunatley, I don't see To Be A Lady anymore, but they do have other pink based glitter filled crellies, so there are so beauties to check out.

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