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Literary Lacquers: The "Rebecca" Fall collection - 3 Mega Glitter Holos!

In just a few days, the 10th to be precise, Literary Lacquers is releasing a mini fall collection, 3 "mega glitter holos" inspired by Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

As for the inspiration, Amy writes:

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is a suspenseful novel told in the form of a flashback. I struggled with these descriptions because I don’t want to give too much of the story away. This collection is dedicated to Rebecca, the book simply throbs with her presence, but yet we never meet her alive.

Group shot:


Pretty in the bottle, but stunning on the nail. Let's get to the pics!  First up, this is Je Reviens, a deep teal mega glitter holo.  This is three thin coats with topcoat.  Lit Lac polishes have amazing formulas, perfect, and surprisingly quick drying considering how complex and glitter packed each polish is!

The buoy was just opposite, about thirty feet away. There was something written on it. I craned my neck sideways to read the lettering. “Je Reviens.” What a funny name. Not like a boat… “Je Reviens” – “I come back.” Yes, I suppose it was quite a good name for a boat. Only it had not been right for that particular boat which would never come back again. Je Reviens is a deep teal linear holo with holographic sparkle Rebecca was assumed to have drowned in her little sailboat, Je Reviens, despite being known as an excellent sailor. Je Reviens means I come back or I return, is it ironic that the boat is named such? Has the boat disappeared beneath the water for good or does the name herald future events?


20141003_203909     20141003_203902



Next, this is Rebecca, Always Rebecca.  Swatch shows three thin coats and topcoat.  Another perfect polish, shocker, right? :)

“Rebecca, always Rebecca. Wherever I walked in Manderley, wherever I say, even in my thoughts and in my dreams, I met Rebecca. I knew her figure now, the long slim legs, the small and narrow feet…. I could guess her laughter and her smile. If I heard it, even among a thousand others, I should recognize her voice. Rebecca, always Rebecca. I should never be rid of Rebecca.” Rebecca, Always Rebecca is an eggplant linear holo with holographic sparkle In the novel, our unnamed narrator, a young girl known only to us as The Second Mrs. deWinter becomes obsessed with the supposed perfection of her husbands deceased first wife, Rebecca. She is constantly comparing herself to Rebecca and supposes that everyone that she meets in her new life is also comparing her unfavorably to the accomplished, beautiful and socially connected Rebecca who has been dead for less than a year.


20141003_213205     20141003_213153


20141003_213113 - Copy

Last but not least, this is Shadow Between Us. I was just thinking I needed a silver holo and this is so it! Swatch shows three thin coats and topcoat. This polish flows on the nail like sparkly lava, it's just perfect.

He put his hands over mine and looked into my face. “Rebecca has won,” he said. I stared at him, my heart beating strangely, my hands suddenly cold beneath his hands. “Her shadow between us all the time,” he said. “Her dammed shadow keeping us from one another. How could I hold you like this, my darling, my little love, with the fear always in my heart that this would happen? I remembered her eyes as she looked at me before she died. I remembered that slow treacherous smile.” Shadow Between Us is a smoky grey linear holo with holographic sparkle Has the shadow and specter of Rebecca and her death poisoned the potential for a happy life and marriage for Maxim and his young wife? In Manderley, the ancestral home of the de Winter’s her presence is felt everywhere. Her abandoned bedroom is the best room in the house. Her preferences are still observed. How can our young narrator ever hope to stand on her own in these circumstances?


20141003_210442 - Copy     20141003_210416


20141003_210432 - Copy

Aren't those stunning?? I had to do a bit of nail art with all three, so I thought a striping tape mani might be nice. What do you think?


20141003_220020     20141003_220006 - Copy

20141003_215926 - Copy

Of the three, my favorite is Je Reviens...are you surprised? I am a little, I figured Rebecca would be my auto fave, but there's something about Amy's teals that just grab me!

Hopefully, last Saturday you saw my blog post of Luggage For Your Journey, a polish that Amy is donating some of the proceeds of to Alzheimer's Research UK. If you didn't, it's worth a quick pic:


All 4 will launch on 10/10 an NOON MT so set your calendars!

 Luggage, however, is a very limited edition and will only be available for ONE week, so if you love it, don't wait on it. The other 3 from the Rebecca fall collection will be part of Lit Lac's core line.  They are $12 each with the price of $35 if you purchase all 3.

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