Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zoya Fall 2014: Ignite Collection

Today let's check out the other half of Zoya's Fall collection, 6 metallic shimmery shades called the Ignite Collection.  The shades coordinate well with the cremes, but standout on their own, too.  All 6 are opaque in 2 coats.  I did add topcoat to these swatches and the shimmer looks even more sparkly and pronounced.

First up, this is Sansa, a royal purple with golden shimmer.


20140910_202320     20140910_202329

Remy is a royal blue with a strong green shimmer.  This is a total mermaid color - I love it!



Double macros needed so you can see the blue to green shift. Isn't this gorgeous?

20140910_214730     20140910_214802

Yuna is my favorite of this collection!  It is a grey with gold/green shimmer.  Two coats to perfection!


20140910_212423     20140910_212545

Autumn was surprising to me.  I didn't expect to like it seeing the bottle, but on the nail, it screams perfect fall foliage!


20140910_204052     20140910_204125

As with the Entice collection, there are two berry/reddish shades.  India is a darker purple, very fall appropriate with orange glitters.  This mix is unique and berry pretty!


20140910_211038     20140910_211043

Last but not least, this is Teigen, a cranberry colored golden shimmer.  Application was nice but as with the Entice collex, I prefer the darker, more purple berry of the two.


20140910_221058     20140910_221048

Which do you like best? Yuma is the standout for me as I own nothing like it!  You can find Zoya on their website, and at Ulta.

Happy Fall!


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