Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zoya Fall 2014: Entice Collection

Today is the official first day of Fall, so what better to begin the season with than the Zoya Fall collections?  There are 2 separate collections, as usual, with 6 cremes that make up the Entice collection and 6 metallic shimmers that make up the Ignite collection.

Let's start with the cremes!  There are 2 neutral, 2 berry, 1 grey, and 1 blue.  Neutrals first since I am really loving them.  As usual, Zoya creme polishes are flawless, opaque in 2 coats, rich in color, decent with dry time.

First up, this is Claire, which is actually a pretty berry/brown color.  With my skintone, it pulls a strong red...and I like it!


20140914_075318     20140914_075405

Next, this is Nyssa, a chocolate brown.  I think that this is the perfect fall brown, it's like a pair of rich brown leather winter boots.  This is 2 coats, no topcoat.


20140914_091555     20140914_091553

Genevieve is the grey of the collection, but it actually has a fairly strong shimmer on the nail.  I wish it didn't because a stone, flat grey of the same shade would fit more with the collection and be more "fall" in my mind.  I don't like the streaks, either. This is not my favorite, suffice to say.


20140914_083218     20140914_083315

Ryan, on the other hand, is the perfect bold, flat, but striking fall color.  It is a rich blue that will actually look great all year round.


20140914_080612     20140914_080741

The collection has two berry shades, and I plan to do a Zoya Berry shade dupe post with a few I have.  I love both of these but they seem too similar for the same collection, in my opinion.

First, this is Margo, the more purple berry of the two.  The formula is perfect, and I think this one suits my skintone better.


20140914_082237     20140914_082156

And the other berry is Veronica, more red/pink toned than Margo.  Both have great formulas.  Two coats, no topcoat.


20140914_084623     20140914_084609

On Thursday, I will show you the Ignite collection and on Saturday, we will look at the Zoya Berry comparison post.

You can find Zoya polishes on Zoya.com and at Ulta.


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